Welcome to The Exchange Club of Sugar Land

We are the people that get up early and meet at Sweetwater Country Club in the Ballroom every Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. for a reason - TO PREVENT CHILD ABUSE.

We are the people who join forces with other valuable community partners to help 5,000+ kids to have a good Christmas in a project called SANTA'S EXCHANGE.

We are the people who bring the community together annually to hold our SPAGHETTI DINNER, honor fire and police, and raise money for over 40 different charities we support during the year, THEN WE GIVE IT ALL AWAY and start again!

We buy backpacks and shoes for kids, we educate moms and dads about how to parent better, we change the course of history.

And it all starts when we find INSPIRATION IN THE MORNING together at breakfast.

You're invited! The first three times you visit we'll buy your breakfast and you can see how IRRESISTIBLE it is to join with people who are outraged that child abuse exists enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And it's ok, we know that No One Can Do Everything, but Everyone Can Do Something. That's why we do this together.

See you at breakfast!


David M. Lanagan

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